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  • Welcome to the UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ONLINE REGISTRATION portal of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University. The IBBUL UNDERGRADUATE Student Online Information System allows UNDERGRADUATE students of the University to access Online portal /resources. These resources include online student personal data registration, online course registration, checking of results, course and examination timetables among other services.

    To access the services, a student must activate an account on the system using instructed procedure and register using your complete academic details. This activation is a one-time action per session that will be used to setup the student's profile within the system. The student account also has the bonus facility to enable the student view all his/her results for an academic session(when activated).

    All enquiries, complains and suggestion should be directed to the Portal administrator or any staff of the ICT/Computer centre Or you can send a message using the contact form on the University's main website contact page.

  • Instructions/Guidelines

  • All students are to take note of the following before, during and after the submission of their registration.

    IMPORTANT !!! During the filling in of Your information, Enter Your Student ID no, Surname and First Name Carefully as You cannot EDIT them Later.

    A. Generate your registration transaction ID from the portal and make the required payment via any of the designated payment points/banks (Make sure you have your Transaction ID before you begin).

    B. Before you proceed, your account must activated on the portal. Also keep in mind, your (i) Login username(MUST BE YOUR ADMISSION/APP. No) (ii) Login password and (iii) Valid e-mail address for correspondence. Your picture to be uploaded MUST conform with the following:

    * Jpeg format ONLY
    * Less than 30KB
    * Exactly 150px by 150px
    * Recent Photograph
    * Of good quality
    * Of plain white background


    D. Enter your MATRICULATION/ADMISSION NO and password.

    E. If successful, you will be redirected to a welcome page, click on the appropriate link below the student image on the on the left side of the portal page and enter the correct registration information. NB: Click on the links to expand the input areas.

    F. After making all the relevant entries, click on the submit button to submit your registration . Click on the VIEW link to preview your submissions. You can correct any information by clicking on the EDIT link and repeating the process above.

    G. If satisfied with you submission, click on the PRINT button and print 2 copies of the registrations. Keep one for your personal usage and submit 1 copy to the Academic Affairs Division, Central Administration.

    H. Please note that if your registration has been submitted successfully, the RED Indicator/icon in front of the links would turn GREEN. Then proceed to the next step(Course Registration).

    I. Also note that you can always come back any number of times to edit, preview or print your registration as long as it is within the registration time frame.

    J.If you have already created an account, CLICK HERE TO LOG IN & EDIT OR PRINT YOUR REGISTRATION .

  • Quick Links: New Students.

  • +++ New Students, Click here to check your admission status & generate your acceptance fee payment slip, generate your admission notification/registration fee payment slip & also print your provisional admission letter.
    The above link provide the following functionalities to New Student;
    (A.) Checking of admission status.
    (B.) Generate your acceptance fee payment slip.
    (C.) Generate your admission notification/registration fee payment slip.
    (E.) Print your provisional admission letter.

    +++ Direct Admission Letter Generation/Printing (Only for those that have completed the entire admission process.)

    >>> Click Here to Log Back into Your Undergraduate Student Registration Account

  • Quick Links: Returning Students.
  • +++ Returning Students, click here to generate your registration fee payment invoice/transaction ID slip

    +++ If your generated fee payment invoice/transaction ID has expired and you have not yet make your fee payment, click here to reactivate/reset your Matric No for new slip generation

    >>> Click Here to Log Back into Your Undergraduate Student Registration Account


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